Hearty Flax Waffles with Raspberry Puree and Greek Yoghurt

The 4th of July means, this year, a mid-week holiday.  And waffles are totally necessary.  But what’s a carb-phobe to do?  Let me solve your dilemma with a fantastic suggestion….Flax waffles!  But first…you need a waffle iron.  I didn’t have one for the longest time, but now that I do, I find I actually use it (as opposed to the myriad other small kitchen appliances that sit in dark corners, gathering dust).  Perhaps my affair with my new appliance will wear off soon, as I can be a bit fickle, but for now, I love you dear waffles!

Flax Waffles with Raspberry Sauce and Greek Yoghurt

Hearty Flax Waffles with Raspberry Sauce and Greek Yoghurt

Ok, so now you’ve got out (or purchased) your waffle iron.  Time to throw together Flax Waffles and the Raspberry Puree.  Here’s what to do:

Waffle Ingredients

1 c. ground flax or flaxmeal

3 eggs, 2 egg whites (can use all whole eggs or all egg whites if desired, depending on if you are watching calories too)

Mix me!

Mix me!

3/4 c. water or cream or almond milk

2 tsp. baking powder

4 tsp. cinnamon

4 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp salt

2 scoops whey protein powder (check carb content of your protein powder if you are making this, some have hidden carbs.  Also check to make sure your protein powder is gluten free if you want this recipe to be gluten free.  We use Biochem natural flavor whey protein powder, which is gluten and lactose free, and almost no carbs….)

4 -5 droppers full of liquid Stevia, or 6 packets of powdered Stevia (batter should taste very sweet…the sweetness “bakes out” so you have to, with Stevia, make batters that taste a bit sweeter than you think they should).  You can use Splenda if that’s your thing, but you’d have to use more of it than the Stevia listed here, as Splenda is less concentrated.  That said, there’s lots of controversy out there on the health issues with using Splenda, so I try to avoid it.  I know it’s hard when you are trying to cut out the sugar, and Stevia takes a while to get used to.  But the liquid Stevias you can get at Whole Foods and the Health Food stores have MUCH less of an aftertaste than their powdered counterparts, just so you know, and it tastes really good swirled into Greek Yoghurt.

Spray olive or coconut oil for the waffle Iron

The Process

Turn on Waffle Iron and get it hot.  Mix well all the ingredients together with a whisk.  Spray oil onto the hot waffle iron and use about a 1/3 cup of the waffle mix.  Baking times will vary depending on the iron you use.  These waffles are very hearty and mostly savory, even though the batter tastes pretty sweet.  I love them because there’s about 2-3 carbs per waffle, and I make up a batch of the batter and just leave it my fridge so it’s easy make waffles a few mornings a week (this recipe above yields about 8 waffles).  They make a great substitute for toast, I usually top my waffle with either almond butter and raspberry puree, or Greek yoghurt (as pictured) and raspberry puree.  I’m into raspberries, did you get that?

Raspberry Puree (soo easy!)

Raspberry Puree

Raspberry Puree

Bag of Frozen Raspberries (the lowest carb berry out there)

Stevia to taste

Place frozen berries with a little water (maybe 1/3 cup or so per bag of berries) into a sauce pan on med heat and stir until berries are thawed.  Add sweetener to taste, then either squish the berries with a fork or spatula, or puree with a hand-held chopper.  Can serve it hot on the waffles, or take it left-over from the fridge, its delicious cold too.  Also goes great swirled into yoghurt for a great dessert-y snack that’s super low in carbohydrate.


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