Ground Flax is the New Black

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Wow, so who knew you could make yummy low-to-no carb baked goods by using flax meal instead of other flours? I knew almond meal and coconut flour were good substitutions for wheat flour, but they both, while better for those watching carb intake, still add some carbohydrate to your recipes. Flax meal, however, has almost no carbs.  I am a convert!  Great for bodybuilders and the insulin-challenged alike!  Here’s some photos and recipes of things I have been making in my kitchen, of late, with my friend Ground Flax.

Flax and Parmesan Crackers
These took maybe 20 minutes to make, start to finish (I love easy).  I will not pretend I made up this on up, but direct you to it’s source recipe.  The results:  very crisp, tasty crackers, with no real carbs in them.  They were rich, and I think you could cut back on the garlic powder a little, as they were pretty garlicky.  My husband and friends raved about these, but the only drawback:  they go soft after about a day.  Must really be eaten same-day, if you want them to maintain their crispy-cracker crunch.

High Protien Flax Waffles
Here’s more pictures of the waffle recipe I posted on the 4th of July. My husband and I eat these all the time, they are really delicious and a no-brainer to whip up.

Chocolate Heaven Flax Muffins (with Chocolate-Avocado Pudding inside)
You’re gonna just have to hang on for the recipe for this one.  I think it deserves it’s own post.  Commence drooling.

For Flax nutritional profile, click here.   Interesting stuff!


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