Hearty Flax Waffles with Raspberry Puree and Greek Yoghurt


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The 4th of July means, this year, a mid-week holiday.  And waffles are totally necessary.  But what’s a carb-phobe to do?  Let me solve your dilemma with a fantastic suggestion….Flax waffles!  But first…you need a waffle iron.  I didn’t have … Continue reading

Chocolate-Coconut (Flourless, Sugar-Free) Cake with Marscapone Whip, and other inspirations


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Blood. Sugar. Coconut. Chocolate. Marscapone. What powerful, potent words. I obsessed over them this weekend, as I low-carb baked, blended, seared and smushed. The sun finally came out, Sun-day, and even though I got in a minor car accident a … Continue reading